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 We are feeling honoured to continue the tradition of bone setting practice, which is trusted and well proved by our ancesters from last four generations.This traditional bone setting practice is started by our great grand father late Shri. Punati Venkatappaiah garu, in early 1900's. He has done a great research and provided valuable information and best practices to next generations about the herbs and medicinal plants. Later his work is continued by our grand father Shri. Punati Veeriah chowdary garu, he spread awareness about this natural practice in people and solved many ortho related problems and he used to set the broken bones for pet animals like cows, dogs, hens and goats. Next the work is continued by our father Punati Venkateswarlu garu, who applied new techniques for easy  and fast healing. Now the legacy is continued by me, Lakshmi Narayana Punati, recognised practisioner from CCIM New Delhi having a great vision of providing awareness to people about traditional practices and to provide natural treatment without any side effects.




Venkatappaya garu
Veeriah garu

Shri. Punati Venkatappaiah chowdary garu

Shri. Punati Veeriah chowdary garu

Venkateswarlu garu

Shri. Punati Venkateswarlu garu

Lakshmi Narayana garu

Dr. Punati Lakshmi Narayana garu 

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