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PVC Ayurvedic Orthopedic nature cure center

I felt very enthusiastic after reading about books of ayurveda and studying about the lifestyle of our ancestors for long living without any health problems. Even i want to practice at least some of them to make my life better and easy. My fore fathers applied the same for healing bones and joints related problems and it really did miracle. Many patients got the advantage of ayurvedic medicine and healthy life style practice. We completely rely on ayurvedic medicine for treatments. Later when i came in this field i practice the same with a vision of side effect free treatment.

We provide treatments for almost all (90%) orthopedic cases, for that we use a herbal paste and bamboo sticks for support and cotton and bandage cloth for tying. Any broken bone or fracture will take 40 days to cure and depending upon the age it will be changed, that is for very aged people like who are in 80's or 90's will take more time to set right. We have nature friendly environment in our village, Avisaipalem.

Green had the power of healing.

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