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Best foods for bone health!!

We always neglect our bone health when compared to other things even bone health plays a major role in our life. It is always better to prevent any problem than to cure. We will be facing calcium deficiency after 30 years of age and this can be solved by taking proper care of our diet. As an adult we do require 700mg of calcium per day which can be easily obtained by our healthy food habits.

Calcium rich foods which must be included in our daily diet are:::

  1. milk, cheese and other dairy products.

  2. green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and okra.(spinach is rich in calcium but it contains oxalic acid which reduce calcium absorption, therefore it is not a good source of calcium)

  3. soya beans and other soya related drinks.

  4. nuts

  5. items made with fortified flour like bread.

  6. fish(some kinds like sardines, pilchards etc.) if you eat along with bones.

One more important factor for bone health is vitamin-D which is very difficult to obtain with our diet. So it is always recommended to expose to sunlight in morning and evening time during sunrise and sunset without sunscreen from late march to end of september, which would be enough for average adult.

Vitamin-D rich foods are::

  1. Oily fish

  2. Eggs

  3. Fortified fat spreads

  4. Fortified breakfast cereals

  5. Some powdered milks

It is always recommended for kids aging 1 month to 5 years to use vitamin-D supplements unless if they are completely or partially breastfeed or having 500 ml milk everyday. Adults those who do not have chance to expose sun light can use vitamin supplements accordingly.

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