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Treatments Offered

 We mainly offer our services in the following areas::


  • Arms, Wrists, Hands, and Elbows:

         Any pain or trauma in the upper or lower part of the wrist like broken or cracked fingers or any bones in the hand and all joint nerves in the wrist can be treated with our specialized medicine.









  • Broken Bones:

       We offer our traditional herbal leaf medicine to cure broken bones naturally without any side effects. Our best practice along with your self care will cure the trauma like magic.








  • Hips:

         Our specialized treatments for hip will consist of curing of broken hip, cracked hip ball, hip joint dislocation, and nerves pain in hip.











  • Joint Pains:

        Joint pains which are caused by any injury or some disease can be treated. Knees,hip,back pain will be having specialized treatments according to the problem.








  • Legs, Ankles, and Feet:

         Femur, humerus, tibia, petella, talus, calcaneus, phalange, ankle pains due to trauma or some disease or dislocation, broken fingers, and feet related problems.









  • Arthritis:

         We will provide our best treatment for first stage of arthritis in rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis.

  • Shoulders:

         Dislocated shoulder or shoulder instability, frozen shoulder, seperation, fracture, shoulder joint tear, rotator cuff tear can be cured.








  • Spine:

         L4, L5, and any pain related problems of lower spine can be treated.

  • We do have non-surgical treatment options for many pain related problems






We do have digital x-ray facility.

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