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Ayurveda -- The essence of life.

Now a days in this busy world every working person, whether we are students or housewifes or corporate persons our lifestyle begins in a western way : waking up to an alarm after many snoozes, a cup of coffee, quick home chores, multi tasking (having breakfast while going through newspaper or emails or social media), and rushing to work.

If the same routine continues for few years, we will recognize general problems like gaining weight, losing hair and many more health problems, we feel it is due to aging, to suppress them temporarily with lot of available modern drugs. But our inner voice will question there are many people who are very active and attractive still in their 50's and 60's but why this is happening with us?

The answer will be found if we deeply view our ayurveda which gives us better life solutions and it will provide guidance for healthy living by directing the everyday practise. This grandha called ayurveda is not the one which is composed and edited in single day, the work started from around 10,000 BCE until 500 CE many wise men practiced and perfected and provided a well formed life style and treatments for longevity and well-being.

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