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The Journey of ayurveda

The term Ayur means duration or span of life. Veda means unimpeachable knowledge. The common translation of ayurveda is science of life. The earliest recorded knowledge about ayurveda is founded in Rig-Veda and the Adharvana Veda, both a second millennium BC. The Adharvana Veda lists eight divisions of ayurveda: internal medicine,surgery of head and neck, ophthalmology, surgery, toxicology, psychiatry, gerontology or science of recognition and the science of fertility.

Ayurveda assures treatment of any diseases without any side effect in the future. It is a holistic medical system maintains good health through the hormonal coordination among the mind, body, spirit and environment.

Today Ayurveda being the world wide because of the side effect of the modern drugs.We Indians should be proud enough to be privileged to have our country as the motherland of Ayurveda. Thanks to our sages.

Traditional Treatment

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